False beliefs wellness coordinators and HR have about wellness challenges:

– Wellness challenges are too time consuming to organize and manage😲

– Employees won’t be interested in participating in challenges😲

– Challenges will be seen as just another task people have to do😲

– Our workplace culture isn’t supportive of wellness initiatives😲

– Challenges won’t actually help improve employees’ health😲

– Participation and engagement will be low after the initial excitement😲

– Leadership won’t support spending on wellness programs and incentives😲

– The costs will outweigh the benefits gained from challenges😲 

– Employees will find the challenges intrusive or annoying😲

– People won’t make real lifestyle changes from short challenges😲

– Wellness is a personal matter and not the company’s role😲

– We’ve tried challenges before and they fizzled out quickly😲

– Our employees are already healthy and don’t need wellness pushes😲

– Challenges will take time away from more important work priorities 😲

Jennifer, an HR Director and Wellness Coordinator use to believe that too until…. Stay tuned for her story in PART2. 😉 https://defiwell.net/

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