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Of all the behaviors that impact health, sleep is one of the most important components to well-being yet an area we tend to neglect. We know sleep is important, but do we fully understand the benefits and health behaviors to improve sleep quality? Participate in the challenge to gain knowledge and skills for a better night’s sleep directly impacting:

  1. Physical Health -> decrease risk of disease and chronic illness
  2. Productivity -> more energy, focus, and concentration
  3. Mood -> increasing ability to effectively manage emotions

The challenge is divided into five weeks. Each week focuses on specific behaviors that affect sleep habits with helpful tips and tricks for healthier habits.

Week 1:Creating An Ideal Sleep Environment

Week 2: Developing a Night Time Sleep Routine

Week 3: Having a Tech-Free Night

Week 4: Considering Food & Drink Habits

Week 5: Increasing Physical Activity

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