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As an HR Director and Wellness Coordinator, Jennifer at times struggles to have her employees believe in the value of wellness programming. Since she’s been working with us here at défi, she has been able to explain and show the value of wellness challenges in a way that connects with her employees.

There are several false beliefs that employees may have about wellness challenges. Tyrone, an employee at a fortune 500 company is not exception. Here is his conversation with Jennifer.


“Wellness challenges are just a way for the company to save money on healthcare costs”


“While it’s true that wellness challenges can potentially reduce healthcare costs for the company, the real purpose of these challenges is to encourage employees to prioritize their health and well-being. By investing in employee health, the company is actually investing in its own success and productivity. Participating in wellness challenges can also lead to increased job satisfaction, better morale, and reduced absenteeism.”


“Hey wait a minute, I never thought about it this way – maybe wellness challenges aren’t just about cutting costs for the company, but about investing in our own health and well-being!”

“But I’m too busy to participate in wellness challenges.”


“It’s understandable that you might feel overwhelmed by your workload, but taking part in wellness challenges doesn’t have to add more stress to your life. In fact, participating in small, manageable steps towards better health can actually boost your energy levels and mental clarity, helping you tackle your work with renewed focus and motivation. Plus, our wellness challenges with défi can be done during lunch breaks or after work with family and friends and the people you love and trust the most, so there’s no need to sacrifice precious time from your day.”


“Hmmm! Wellness challenges are just a fad and won’t actually make a difference in my health. I am already working out at the gym and I play basketball”. 


“While it’s true that fad diets and quick fixes often don’t deliver long-term results, défi wellness challenges are designed to promote sustainable, holistic improvements in not only your physical health, but also your emotional, occupational, social and financial well-being. By focusing on small, achievable goals – like drinking more water, taking short walks, spending responsibly or practicing mindfulness – you can build lasting habits that benefit your overall well-being. And remember, every step counts, whether it’s a small one or a big one. Even modest progress can lead to significant gains in your health and happiness.”

Stay tuned for her story in PART3. 😉

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