Relieve Stress. Create Success inside and outside the classroom

Empowering students to take ownership of their mental health and well-being
Supporting Educators * Clinicians * Parents

OmmWorks has partnered with Synergy Behavioral Health to facilitate access the best Trauma Informed Skills Based Mental Health and Wellness Curriculum for PreK-12

“Kathi OmmWorks are a breath of fresh air to the SEL tool kit & go much farther in incorporating mindfulness & physical activity for classroom & physical education curricula. Everything is upbeat, easy to use, and highly practical. Welcome addition to any educational program !”   –  Dr. Lark Eshleman – 


OmmWorks goes beyond SEL to provide cognitive active wellness skills, creating healthy habits for lasting change

  • Identify and self manage stress and anxiety

  • Create healthy behaviors and build resilience 

  • Promote empathy and collaboration skills

  • Tap into unique gifts and feel successful

  • Learn with vision and purpose

Workshop and Training

Calm, relaxed and focused

Do your OmmWork

The Do Your OmmWork Guidebook serves as a companion book to our curriculum. Enjoy a unique, simple, and fun approach to relieve stress and create success in school, at home, in competition, and in social settings

Omm App

In addition to the books and worksheets that come with OmmWorks, is the companion web app with digital resources for teachers and students

  • Assignments

  • Monitoring

  • Self-managed emotions and behavior

  • Journaling

  • Dynamic reporting on students’ emotional well-being

Interactive Assessment App

OmmWorks Impact on Students

Calm, relaxed and focused

Confident to self-managed
emotions / behavior

More connected with self,
others and purpose


Provide educators and administration with Professional Developments, Experiential Workshops, and Training Guides. Enhance your local curriculum with an accessible Interactive Digital Library, Instructional Materials.

Clinical Agencies

Complete Experiential Workshops, Trainings for Continuing Education Units/Credits. Access resources and materials to learn and utilize evidence-based strategies to support treatment plans for clients.

Youth Organizations & Programs

Enhance your current program with Professional Workshops, Digital Trainings, accessible Interactive Digital Library, Instructional Materials, and/or an 8-week Curriculum for youth of all ages.

Fitness & Wellness Facilities

Bring your fitness & wellness facility to another level. Provide your staff with Professional Workshops and Trainings that are YOGA Alliance Aligned. Enhance existing classes, facility, & more with a Digital Library & Materials

Parents & Caregivers

Access practical tips and tools to improve the mental health for your home life with Digital Workshops, Digital Trainings, Guidebooks, and an easy to use interactive Digital Library for your entire family

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