A healthier workforce * Reduce Healthcare costs * Curb lost productivity

Get your team working towards their wellness goals TOGETHEREverybody wins!

•Increased Energy •Increased Motivation •Decreased Absenteeism
•Improved Morale •Increased Employee Engagement •Improved Employee Health

Wellness Challenge Portal

How it works

It’s not the biggest looser; it’s not about solo, self-paced activities.

It’s about working together, a community-driven, engaging, real-time, feedback-based active participation unconstrained by one’s physical abilities. It’s about being consistent in challenging yourself to achieve your goals big or small.

We work with your Organization Wellness coordinator to setup and manage the wellness challenge campaign by:

  • Promoting the campaign in the workplace, sending flyers asking for participation

  • Requesting feedback from employees on the kind of challenges they would like to see

  • Set the duration of the challenge

  • Keep track of employees progress through check-ins

  • Employees earn points and badges based on their challenge completion rate

  • Reward employees participation

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